Startups & SMEs! Take part in the China Innovation Challenge!

November 3, 2017

China's corporations are seeking new tech solutions by the UK's brightest minds. 


Together with China's Ministry of Science and Technology, we are hosting the London division of the China Innovation Challenge!

This challenge is aimed at UK startups & SMEs wishing to expand their business to China. Chinese corporations have submitted specific requests in the hopes of finding great new technology enterprises that can support their businesses and are particularly interested in UK startups/SMEs who can provide new solutions! In turn, UK startups/SMEs receive the unique opportunity to expand their business to China and particularly Shanghai. The competition is particularly aimed at colleges and universities, research institutes, enterprises and the most innovative individuals capable of driving forward research and development.



The China Innovation Challenge is in its 2nd year and once again powered by China's Ministry of Science and Technology, the Shanghai Science and Technology Commission, the Fengxian District Science and Technology Commission, the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Education, the Fengxian District Government, the National Eastern Technology Transfer Centre.


The organisers have collected a 'wish list' with over 70 'problems' that UK's tech startups & SMEs might be able to solve! This is a global hunt for the best solutions, and the rewards are plenty! 


1.  5 x ¥100,000

2.  10 x ¥10,000

3.  3 x ¥20,000

4.  Perks worth of ¥300,000 if the solution leads to a collaboration with a local Chinese corporation.


Ready to take on the challenge?

Contact us for more information and how to participate:


Cocoon Networks London

4 Christopher Street

020 3179 8130


Deadline for submitting an application: 27 November 2017



The 70 'tech problems' Chinese corporations are wishing to solve and the 'solutions' they're looking for:




1. 基于人工智能图形图像技术以及深度学习技术研发智慧感知设备并广泛应用于公共场所的行为检测

Behaviour detection systems based on the newest AI graphics technology to be used in public spaces.


2. 用于智能手机充电系统的手机控制软件APP开发

Mobile apps that controls the battery usage and charge of the smart phone


3. 用于低速变风量空调系统的风速传感器的研发
Research and development of wind speed sensors for air conditioning systems which can vary air volume and speeds


4. 视频AI技术开发

AI applications in videos


5. 动态图像捕捉识别系统

Dynamic image capture & recognition system


6. 人脸识别技术

Face recognition technology


7. 智能幕墙、景观传感器研发
 Research and development of  inteligent panel wall and view sensor


8. 交通仿真推演系统开发
 Research and development of traffic simulation deduction system


9. 寻求需求基于先进航电架构的综合任务处理平台实现任务数据的采集、数据处理、数据存储、人机交互等功能的开发
 Base on the advanced avionics architecture of the integrated task processing platform to achieve the task data collection, data processing, data storage, human-computer interaction and other functions


10. 微型半导体中子探测器系统研究
 Research on Micro - semiconductor neutron detector system


11. 共享制造平台云化MES系统开发
 Sharing development of manufacturing platform cloud MES system 


12. 在多约束条件下计算订单结构最优解
 Optimal structure of order structure under multiple constraints


13. 在历史数据分类条件下零售趋势的预测系统开发
 Forecast of retail trends under historical data classification


14. 变电站智能无人值守整套解决方案
 Package solution for  intelligent  unattended  substation 


15. 红外气体传感器的研发
 Infrared gas sensor development 


16. 新媒体数据应用开发
 Application development of new media data


17. 建立基于老人照护相关的知识图谱及老年人健康管理、疾病识别技术的需求
 Establishing knowledge maps and elderly health management, disease identification techniques based on the elderly healthcare


18. 新时代居家养老平台系统开发
 New era home-based pension platform


19. 基于大数据的海洋灾害性天气精准预报
 precise forecast of marine disaster climate based on big data


20. 包含串口、脉冲输出功能,对扫码支付设备远程控制的物联网通讯模块的研发
 Creating a IoT communication module mainly applied in scanning payment; the module can realize remote control of the device, including the function of serial and pulse output.


21. 支持企业信用评价、研发与业务模型定制功能的软件平台开发
 The software platform scheme supporting enterprise credit evaluation R&D and business module customization


22. BIM信息模型技术升级
 Technology upgrade of BIM information model


23. 具备质量监控、作业面积监控功能的共享农机机载实时测产智能硬件的开发
 Developing an vehicle real-time intelligent yield estimating hardware to achieve real-time yield estimation, quality control, operating area monitoring and other functions due to the sharing of agricultural usage scenarios requiements.


24. 技术需求与技术供给方有效匹配的人工智能算法与组件开发
 Artificial intelligence algorithm and component development for the effective matching of technology demanders and providers


25. 开发洗眼器智能报警APP
 Development of eyewash intelligent alarm APP


26. 支持园区业务服务与业务模型定制功能的软件平台
 Software platform supporting the function of park business services and business model customization 



27. 寻找口内种植导杆定位的技术,以减小定位误差
 The Technique of Planting Guide Rod in Mouth


28. 寻找高效精确,低隐患的新型口内义齿种植技术
 Mouth Planting Technique


29. 寻求口内植入式螺钉种植技术研发
 Planting technique of implantable screw in mouth


30. 儿童足踝健康工程系列产品研发
 Children 's ankle health engineering product development and industrialization promotion


31. 中药生产全过程的质量追溯软件平台建设
 The construction of quality traceability software platform  for the whole process of traditional Chinese medicine production 


32. 符合环保排放要求及赤芝功效的赤芝室内栽培量产技术的研发
 Industrial technology development of  cost-controllable ganoderma plantation


33. 符合污染物指标符合国际排放标准,溶剂符合食品安全标准的植物提取物中脂溶性部分污染物净化工艺开发和产业化
 Development of purification process of liposoluble partial pollutants in plant extracts


34. 寻求通过发酵过程中代谢调控的优化,降低或去除原酒中部分不良成分的技术合作
 Seeking technical cooperation for reducing or removing some undesirable components in the original wine through the optimization of metabolic regulation in fermentation process


35. Hieff NGSTM RNA Cleaner 纯化试剂盒开发
 Purification kit development for Hieff NGSTM RNA Cleaner


36. 点突变试剂盒开发
 Point mutant kit development


37. 新型大豆发酵酶解蛋白的技术分析
 Technical analysis and market analysis of enzymatic hydrolysis of new soybean fermentation



38. 冶炼烟尘转化粉体新材料-活性硅粉市场应用技术开发
 New Material of Smelting Smoke and Dust Conversion Powder- Market Application Technology Development and Extension of Active Silica Powder


39. 用于精密光学镜头的防雾、亲水材料研发
 Research and development of anti-fog, hydrophilic material used for precision optical lens 


40. PET薄膜与PC及ABS材料分离技术开发
 Development of Separation Technology of PET Film and PC&ABS Material


41, 复合改性剂的选择和优化,提高纤维的力学性能
 Selection and optimization of compound modifier to enhance the mechanical properties of the fiber


42. 熔法纺丝的聚合物融捏料的制备及熔融纺丝最佳工艺的选择和优化
 The preparation and optimization of the melt-spinning polymer melt-kneading material and the optimum process of melt spinning


43. 初生纤维及超倍热牵伸对纤维结构和性能影响的分析
 Analysis of the effect of primary fiber and super-temperature draft on fiber structure and properties


44. 铜复不锈钢产品成品金相晶粒度改善
 Improvement of  metallography grain size and fracture of the copper complex stainless steel products



45. 石油烃污染土壤、农药、印染工厂污染土壤的微生物法治理技术
 Microbial Control Technology for Soil polluted by Petroleum Hydrocarbons, Pesticide and Dyeing&Printing Factory


46. 寻找去污力更高,出水毒性更低,成本更低的的焦化废水处理技术的研发合作
 Coking Wastewater Treatment Technology


47. 寻找基于改变污染物在土壤中存在形态或结合方式的土壤修复技术的研发合作
 Development and Application of Soil Remediation Technology


48. 水处理药剂的研发
 Development and Application of Water Treatment


49. 高盐高有机物废水处理技术
 Treatment technology of high salt and high organic wastewater


50. 彩色照片冲印行业的冲印设备的污水处理
 The sewage treatment of printing equipment in photo printing industry



51. 基于LORA协议的无线控制系统的研发
 Research and Development of Wireless Control System based on LORA Protocol


52. 寻找生物质能机电自动化控制系统研究与开发合作
 Design and development of  complete sets of electromechanical and engineering


53. 机电设备控制系统
 Mechanical and electrical equipment control system


54. LED灯具散热器技术
 LED lighting radiator technology


55. 液力缓速器控制器技术开发
 Development of Hydraulic Retarder Controller Technology


56. 液力缓速器控制器本体设计和开发
 Design and Development of Hydraulic Retarder Controller Body


57. 基于恶劣环境的汽车车窗开闭控制系统
 Design of Automobile Window Glass Safety Test System


58. 便携式人体成分检测设备
 Portable body composition testing equipment


59. 水地源热泵工艺及装备研发的技术需求
 The technical requirement of research and development of water source heat pump process and equipment


60. 用于剪裁箱包材料的剪裁系统,需解决箱包面料的吸附牢固及箱包材质不被热熔两大技术
 Tailoring system used for bag material needs to solve two main technologies that adsorption fastness of bag material  and  the bag material shall not be hot melt.


61. 能满足特定条件下自锁后不失锁及可单手解锁功能需要的机载显示屏自锁结构优化
Technical improvements based on the existing enterprise onboard display structure


62. 搭配国产飞腾处理器的计算机固件开发
Enterprises independently developed a self-controllable computer using Feiteng domestic processor as the core of the hardware platform, cooperation in the development of firmware


63. 希望联合开发基于云端计算的人工智能净水机
Development of artificial intelligence water purifier based on cloud computing


64. BIM模型的轻量化要求
 Lightweight requirements of BIM model


65. 压铸车间实现自动化生产
 Die-casting workshop to achieve automated production


66.. 一种带扰动的燃料电池用直流-直流变换器
 A DC-DC converter for perturbed fuel cell


67. 汽车车窗的安全可靠性控制
 Safety and reliability control of automobile windows


68. 研发电磁感应磁力驱动电机新技术
Research and development the new technology of electromagnetic induction magnetic drive motor


69. 百米观光潜水器船载释放系统设计
100-meter sightseeing submersible ship release system design


70. 深渊宏生物保真取样设备设计
 Abyss Macro biological fidelity sampling equipment design


71. 支承大功率高速电机的多孔质气悬浮轴承开发
 Support the development of porous pneumatic bearings with high power and high speed motors.


72. 新型高效增程器系统开发与整车集成
 Development of new high efficiency extended range system and vehicle integration


73. 燃油增效剂节能减排的快速、廉价、高效、准确的检测技术
 Fast, cheap, efficient and accurate detection technology development of fuel synergist energy saving 





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