Cocoon Networks Community Series: Luminous PR

October 27, 2017

LONDON - In this CNCS blogpost we are pleased to introduce Luminous PR. In this series we speak to innovative and expanding businesses as they reveal their highlights and challenges, in addition to providing some top tips for success. This series tells the stories of of bright thinkers who leveraged their creativity to revolutionise the world as we know it.


This week Kirsty Jarvis, Founder & CEO of Luminous PR, tells us about a "PR, Communications and Social media agency that specialises in working with technology companies."



What does your company do?


Luminous PR is a PR, Communications and Social media agency that specialises in working with technology companies.  Our team - along with our network of specialist journalist consultants - deliver media coverage, work with businesses to deliver media relations and communications strategies that help to establish brand recognition, support growth plans, raise awareness and meet company objectives.


How have you come up with this business idea?


I have always been a bit of a geek when it comes to technology and loved working with inspiring entrepreneurs that are using tech to solve challenges and innovate within industries that are ripe for disruption.  There are such exciting things happening in tech at the moment and there are some amazing businesses being built in the UK.  All of them have interesting stories to tell - from the work they are doing, through to the problems they are solving - and so it was clear that there was a healthy opportunity to create a tech specialist agency that applies a journalistic approach to media expertise, combined with true passion and excitement for technology.


How hard was it to get your idea off the ground? What have you found most challenging?


It was relatively easy to get started. Our team already had a diverse knowledge base of what was happening in technology, amazing contacts and connections and so we knew we could deliver what we promised.  The hardest bit at the beginning was finding out how to identify businesses that were looking for an agency like ours, at a time that was right for them.

We also made sure that we weren’t taking on work that we just knew we couldn’t deliver on.  This means that we turned down work with some businesses that weren’t ready for PR or just didn’t have a strong enough story for us to work with.  When we were trying to establish the business, turning down work was hard.  But we know better than anyone that reputation is important and integrity was then, and still is, at the core of what we stand for.

Whoever we met, we still sought out alternative solutions to help them - so it we made sure we were never closing doors, just building relationships. This is how the idea for our PR 1-2-1 clinics were born. 


What have you learned from the process?


As any business grows, new sets of challenges provide ever-changing opportunities for the team and the founders to learn.  The biggest thing I’ve learnt is to never stop looking for the opportunities to learn how to do something better and to evolve.

Working with tech companies shows you how quickly industries change, even on a daily basis, so I’ve also learnt how important it is to not only look externally at what is happening around you, but also to keep an eye on what’s happening internally under your own roof.


Kirsty Jarvis, Founder & CEO of Luminous PR



What are the highlights of your expansion?


Through growth, we have been able to establish an awesome team of people who share the Luminous values.  We are all proud to be part of the Luminous Tribe and I love the fact that our growth has meant that we have been able to attract such a hardworking, knowledgeable and brilliant bunch of people.


What advice would you give to an entrepreneur willing to start a business?


Be prepared for the ride of your life!  Someone once told me that being an entrepreneur is like being on a rollercoaster - massive highs one minute, and then stomach churning plummets the next.  You either love that feeling in life or you prefer the safer fairground teacup ride that gives a bit of a thrill as it goes round and round but doesn’t really take you out of your comfort zone.  

There is no sugar coating it, you have to be prepared to work harder than you’ve ever worked before.   Being an entrepreneur is sometimes draining but, hand on heart, if you are brave enough it will be one of the most rewarding things you ever do.


Why are you here at Cocoon? How has this environment contributed to the growth of your company?


We are a proud media and support partner to Cocoon.  We also love being in the building amongst the many exciting businesses growing in and around the space.  We have also benefited hugely from the opportunities to learn from the wide-range of events that are hosted there.  Keeping ahead of what is coming up in tech is important for the work we do and Cocoon has been a great space for helping us to keep a finger on the pulse.


What are your plans for the future?


We are looking to expand the team further as we are about to head in to a busy time.  We are also looking to add to our network, expanding connections with other tech centres in Asia and the US.

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