Tech Shanghai Advocates launch event at China Financial Information Center in Shanghai

October 26, 2017

SHANGHAI - Tech Shanghai Advocates, the first China-based branch of Global Tech Advocates, will connect Chinese entrepreneurs to the existing international network and provide access to a global community of entrepreneurs, investors and tech enthusiasts aspiring to the highest level of cross-cultural innovation.



Today, together with Global Tech Advocates, the international ecosystem of tech leaders founded by Russ Shaw, we marked the official launch of Tech Shanghai Advocates at the China Financial Information Center in Shanghai. The Tech Advocates network is a private sector-led coalition of thousands of tech experts, investors and government officials from seven regions of the world, who come together to facilitate open debate, knowledge sharing and global cooperation.

Tech Shanghai Advocates (TSA) is now the very first landing point in China and thus premier local point of contact for other Global Tech Advocates members. Tech Shanghai Advocates will connect Chinese tech leaders to the global Advocates’ network, and encourage Chinese entrepreneurs and investors to fully immerse themselves in the international marketplace and share their innovations. 



This historic event was attended by leading figures of the British and Chinese tech scene and the government, i.e. delegates from the British Consulate General Shanghai, Shanghai Hi-Tech Industrial Park, National Eastern Tech-Transfer Center, China Financial Information Center, London & Partners, China-Britain Business CouncilGCL Finance (Group) Holdings as well as other leading Chinese financial institutions. 



John Zai, Founder and CEO of Cocoon Networks & Founder and Chairman of TSA :


“TSA will be GTA’s first China-based networking and financial services platform. Russ and I wish to bring together the advantages of the networks’ existing global resources and create multidisciplinary work groups to stimulate local innovation and promote high-end global cooperation"

 "Shanghai, one of the world’s largest financial centers, brings great geographical advantages. By drawing upon the best global resources, Tech Shanghai Advocates is set out to work locally and transform South and East China into a world-leading technological hub and accelerating the advancement of Industry 4.0”




Russ Shaw, Founder and CEO at Global Tech Advocates & Tech London Advocates:


“Shanghai is an excellent next step to extend the Global Tech Advocates community. I’ve always been impressed with the commercial dynamism and the spirit of innovation that I’ve seen in Shanghai. […] It’s when you mix people between the local and the international community, the ideas, the creativity, the innovation really start to escalate”


"TLA was founded in April 2013, and building on that foundation, Global Tech Advocates has expanded to seven different locations outside London since 2015, attracting over 6000 advocates from more than 50 countries. The aim is to support the tech industry and the development of this ecosystem by combining the ideas, the leadership and the capital from the private sector. I want to share with you the journey that I have been through with John and Cocoon Networks. We first met during an Investors Summit in Beijing and had a great conversation. The partnership came naturally after that. In December 2016, Cocoon Networks opened their amazing new office and organised the first China-UK Hi! Tech Festival during London Tech Week, which was met with huge enthusiasm"


"Shanghai is a city that never sleeps, it has transformed enormously since my last visit here nine years ago. It's becoming a world leading city. It is because of the great entrepreneurial spirit like John’s and the fast-paced technological development, we selected Shanghai to be the first destination for GTA in China. Our journey starts today! When you join TSA, you are surrounded by a network of thousands of tech advocates around the world, and together we can create a global platform"


Russ Shaw sees this launch as the first part of the journey for China's Tech Advocates and will ensure to keep on building the community, extending the network and bringing in more people from across the greater Shanghai region to join the global tech ecosystem.



Following these opening remarks, the audience enjoyed keynote speeches by Tony Clemson, the Deputy Consul General of the British Consulate General in Shanghai, Tracy Cheng, Vice President (Southern China) at London & Partners; Zhenquan Cao, Executive Vice Chairman of the Administration Commission of the Shanghai Hi-Tech Industrial Park; Jihua Xie, Chairman of the National Eastern Tech-Transfer Center; Guobiao Ye, Chairman & Secretary of the Party Committee of the China Financial Information Center in Shanghai; Wei Sun, CEO at GCL Finance (Group) Holdings and Weifeng Ma, Director of the China Outbound Programme at the China-Britain Business Council.


Tony Clemson, Deputy Consul General at the British Consulate General in Shanghai:

"The British Consulate is aming to promote UK-China cooperation through trade, science and cultural exchanges. Britain has outstanding scientific research ability [and] we have paid more attention to cooperation, international exchanges and free trade than ever before. Science and technology play a greater role in transcending borders and bringing different countries together. Both TSA and TLA enable London and Shanghai to establish a closer relationship between the two great cities"



Tracy Cheng, Vice-President (Southern China) at London & Partners

"The launch of TSA is not only a major stage for Cocoon Networks but also an important step for the Sino-British scientific and technological cooperation.There are more Chinese investors who are getting involved in the UK's technology investment and London & Partners will try to help more Chinese companies to land in London through cooperation with Cocoon Networks and TSA"



Jin Hou, Executive Vice Chairman of Administration Commission of Shanghai Hi-Tech Industrial Park:

"Shanghai Hi-Tech Industrial Park has become an important engine for innovation and development in Shanghai. It also plays an important role in constructing Shanghai as a globally influential tech center. Today’s China-UK Tech Investment Forum explores the investment and  science & technology industry cooperation in new ways, based on the themes of Connection, Exploration, Transformation. I hope delegates can take this as an opportunity to build an international science and technology innovation ecosystem and foster technological innovation and cooperation"



Guobiao Ye, Chairman & Secretary of the Party Committee of the China Financial Information Center:

"There are [...] no borders among science and technology. Science and technology are to serve the entire human society, so they need to be exchanged with different entities. Shanghai, like London, is building a global financial center. Shanghai and London are sister cities, in this regard we have done a lot of exploration work. I believe the future development prospects will be very beautiful"



Dr. Langen Shu, CEO at GCL Finance (Group) Holdings:

"GCL Finance (Group) Holdings are excited to become strategic partners with Cocoon Networks. Together, we will be helping more projects land in China. This is an important era for Chinese corporations, with great interests from foreign capital investments. Future opportunities lie in integrating finance and technology in creating a new ecosystem. I believe green finance is the way forward and will become a main fuel for the Chinese economy. I look forward to hearing experts’ opinions during this event and nurturing cooperation between China and Europe"



Jihua Xie, Chairman at the National Eastern Tech-Transfer Center:

"The goal of Shanghai is to build a global center for technology. I believe with our efforts, the present of London is the future of Shanghai. I hope that in the future, there will be much greater Sino-British cooperation and dialogue in science and technology"



Panel discussion: "Investment Layout under the Trend of the Future Tech Development” 

Moderator: Libo Guo, Dean of China Venture Research Institute

Panellists: Weiguo Wang, Chairman of Cocoon Networks; Feng Ye, Founder & Chairman of Apex Capital, Xueqian Feng, Founder & Chairman of Newaccess Capital; Hongwei Sun, Partner of Small Village; Ye Tian, Partner of NewMargin Capital; Li Zhao, Vice-President of Softbank China Venture Capital (SBCVC) and Yuehua Wang, Partner at DFJ DragonFund China


Panel discussion: "Connecting overseas technology with China's industrial chain"


At the launch event, TSA also announced its very first 5 working groups, who will be specialising in the areas of AI, MedTech, GreenTech, FinTech and Large Data.



And what do London's tech leaders have to say about the launch? 


Most leading voices at the forefront of London's technology sector are avid Tech Advocates. They univocally laudated the launch of Tech Shanghai Advocates:



"We are not only inspired by the ambition of Chinese entrepreneurs and the power of some of the technologies that are emerging from that marketplace. Tech Shanghai Advocates is a mini portal into an international community and it’s a way in which entrepreneurs across China can reach out to share their innovations” Claire Cockerton, TLA member, serial entrepreneur and CEO at Plexal


“It’s a great conduit for business relationships between the tech community in China and the tech community in the UK” David Raynor, Department for International Trade


"It is a chance to create the strongest possible bridge between Shanghai and London, so I am really pleased to see Tech Shanghai Advocates launch today” Eric Van der Kleij, Founder and CEO at C4DR



At Cocoon Networks we are beyond excited to collaborate with TLA to continue our mission of bettering Sino-British business relations and opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors. We believe an innovative spirit and cross-cultural collaboration are the key components to jointly create the brighest tech future imaginable! 




Tech Shanghai Advocates 

TSA is committed to combining the latest research and talent from academia, the tech ecosystem and the investment industry to accelerate technological innovation in China. TSA consists of an expert team of entrepreneurs, investors, researchers and government representatives. It will serve as a gateway to the global technology scene for China-based Tech Advocates by providing them with abundant opportunities to connect with other members around the world.


How to become an Advocate?

Tech Shanghai Advocates is a collection of tech leaders, experts, investors and entrepreneurs uniting to form the most influential independent, private sector group in East and South China. TSL membership is by invitation by another Advocate. The group has no joining or membership fees.



Global Tech Advocates 

Global Tech Advocates is a leading coalition of thousands of tech experts, investors and government officials from seven regions of the world. It offers a unique and advncaed tech network to connects its members and promote the advancement of science and technology on  a global scale.

Global Tech Advocates’ other 6 member companies at present are: Tech London Advocates (which itself has over 4000 members), Tech North Advocates, Tech Belfast Advocates, Tech Bay Area Advocates, Tech Nordic Advocates, Tech Singapore Advocates.



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Tech Shanghai Advocates launch event at China Financial Information Center in Shanghai

October 26, 2017

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