Chat with Thomas Gere of Realities Centre for the Shanghai VR Movie Forum

September 5, 2017

SHANGHAI - From August 26th-27th, our Cocoon Networks partner office in Shanghai hosted the VR Movie Forum, a large-scale event dedicated to the latest developments and achievements in the exciting tech subsector of VR.


During the event, we were delighted to introduce Realities Centre, one of Europe’s biggest and most influential VR/AR/MR innovation communities, to our tech audience in Shanghai. Realities Centre has its base in our Cocoon Networks London offices. 


Realities Centre is building a community focusing on Augmented & Virtual Reality, including related technologies such as AI and IoT, by bridging gaps between startups and corporations with demos, training, co-working space, acceleration, events and more. Realities Centre offers unique opportunities for London based startups to develop their project and reach out to the international development community. It offers shared workspace, demo opportunities, training and events and is open to all working with the mediums of virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR), 360 degree video and artificial intelligence (AI).


For the VR Movie Forum we interviewed Realities Centre's Founder and CEO Thomas Gere to share the latest VR industry insights and case studies in the European market with our Shanghai tech community. Thomas Gere is  a serial entrepreneur and angel investor with experience both in the Far East and Europe in the VR/AR/MR field.



Interview content:


1. Please give us a brief introduction how you got started in this exciting field.


2. What does Realities Centre offer and how do you collaborate with Cocoon Networks?


3. Thomas, with your extensive experience of VR/AR in the UK and Europe, can you please share the latest insights and developments in this exciting field with us?


4. How do you think China and Europe can collaborate in this tech subsector?


5. What do you think the future may hold?


The VR Movie Forum attracted leading figures in the VR scene and Shanghai-based entrepreneurs, with a great highlight being Brian Seth Hurst’s keynote contribution. Brian Seth Hurst is a highly successful film producer in Hollywood and Founder and CEO at StoryTech Immersive, a VR production company marrying storytelling, tech and filmmakers. StoryTech Immersive’s clients include PBS, Showtime, Marriott, Freeform Digital, IKEA, NAB and many more.


In his keynote Hurst shared the latest tech industry insights, case studies of the VR industry and also his latest work, the VR short ‘My Brother’s Keeper’, a cinematic VR narrative for PBS, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival.  



The VR Movie Forum was promoted by Cocoon Networks Media, with a mission to connectin UK and Chinese tech communities. Cocoon Networks' China branches aid UK-based startups and companies in setting up business branches locally in China and/or exploring the Chinese market.

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