JoeyWears' Kickstarter Campaign reaches £13,000

July 6, 2017

LONDON – The startup JoeyWears, based here at Cocoon Networks London, has recently launched a Kickstarter campaign giving anyone interested the opportunity to be a first-time buyer of JoeyWears underwear with JoeyPouch design - the ultimate airflow-increasing and wearability-enhancing boxer technology. Cocoon Networks, Europe’s first Chinese-funded investment platform and financial investment consultancy, is proud to enthusiastically support the JoeyWears team in this endeavour. The Kickstarter page was only set up yesterday at 10.00 am and pledges have already reached 13,000£.



JoeyWears was founded by Yang Liu and Jake Mellett.


Before moving to London to join 500 Startups and - after that - JoeyWears, Yang helped two hardware startups to successfully take off in China. She is also director at SheWorx, a global collective providing increased funding and mentoring to promising female entrepreneurs.


Everything started when Yang noticed her boyfriend’s discontent with poor-quality underwear:


“My boyfriend was paying through the nose for low quality underwear. The brands seemed to be focusing on Justin Bieber and David Beckham rather than making a pair of underwear that was actually really comfortable”


Yang then decided to share her thoughts with Jake.


Jake read Philosophy and Psychology at university and worked as head of Paid Search and Affiliates for Beauty at The Hut Group. He later joined the start-up ClickMechanic as Growth Lead, and then JoeyWears.


He went on to test 25 pairs of underwear in a month while Yang asked a group of individuals what they believed the perfect boxer should be like. The answer was clear: comfortable, stylish and fitted. With the support of designers from Celine and Louis Vuitton, the first sketch of JoeyWears was created.



The team first travelled to Paris to seek the best material and then to China to select a top-level factory willing to give JoeyWears’ project a shot. It took the team twenty-five weeks to produce a testable sample. Jake and Yang asked friends, athletes and strangers to try JoeyWears boxers. They soon found out that people preferred JoeyWears to the underwear they were currently using: they had two designs they could start with.


The JoeyWears boxers come into two versions: JoeyPouchPro and JoeyPouchActive.


JoeyPouchPro is designed for daily use and provides greater room in front; it prevents uncomfortable adjustments from taking place and it reduces skin friction to a minimum. 




JoeyPouchActive is instead conceived for athletes and for men who tend to be generally more active. This model has a dual Pouch Design that allows to isolate the member. 



The boxers are made using a soft cellulosic fibre called Micro Modal Air, a natural fabric three times softer and 50% more absorbent than cotton, that is sourced from Austria. Micro-cellulose makes up 40% of the fibres required to produce the fabric Micro Modal Air. The fabric has anti-microbial characteristics preventing body odour; it is resistant to pilling; it does not shrink; and it does not change shapes as it is washed. More importantly, the fabric retains its absorbency capacity, its flexibility and its softness even after repeated washes.



The fibres used to produce the fabric are the result of a non-toxic and environmentally friendly production process: the fibre is only imported from areas where forests are growing at rate of 5% or higher. In addition, turning beech trees into Micro Modal Air requires twenty times less water than cotton. JoeyWears partnered with a Chinese family-run manufacturer able to source fabric directly from Europe. Wasted materials and products are recycled and put to good use: waste wood is used to produce thermal energy and sodium to make glass. Last but not least, one full-time position is added to the assembly line every time an extra 100 pairs are produced.



The Kickstarter campaign has a £15,000 goal to be reached by Friday 4 August 2017. A range of options are available for anyone interested, including the possibility of being flown to a sweat lodge in the UK or in the US (!): 



Click on the link below to be a first-time buyer of JoeyWears boxers:

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