Bloggers & Journalists! Join our Editor in Residence programme to use our co-working space in exchange of content!

July 4, 2017


Working from home is a typical option for digital nomads and remote employees. However, most people find it hard to resist the temptations of the sofa, TV, the fridge, and the Internet. The emergence of co-working spaces not only makes knowledge-sharing and networking much easier, but also improves members’ lifestyle by offering extra perks and amenities.


Flexibility is the most important part of a freelancer’s work life. Cocoon Networks London, an inspiring workspace that believes in the power of connection, replicates this new model that enables remote employees to rent desk space at a low price. You probably spend more per month on coffee! Members will have 24/7 access to our co-working space as well as all of the facilities. For those freelancers with a flair for writing, our Editor in Residence program is a great option for finding workspace. We will cover the rent of desks for bloggers and journalists who would like to contribute just two articles every month to Cocoon Networks’ online blog page.



About our Editor in Residency Program


We  launched the Editor in Residence programme to connect with remote writers and bloggers looking for a workspace.

As a new creative and collaborative ecosystem in London, we intend to forge an innovative community that nurtures ambitious entrepreneurs’ ideas. To achieve this, we need people who have creative mind-set to join us, improving our online presence and provide enlightening content to our community.

In this program, we offer resident bloggers free workspace as an attraction, alongside the extra perks and amenities, which not only provides a supportive environment but also shares a high-profile work culture with all the members. Resident editors only need to contribute two blogs every month for supporting Cocoon Networks’ online blog, and manage to promote them in their circles. We encourage resident bloggers to attend the in-house events or self-organise a workshop to immerse themselves into our high-efficient community of entrepreneurs and tech pioneers. Be inspired by daily conversations with like-minded people, who also work for themselves in pursuit of the entrepreneurial spirit.


Inside Cocoon Networks London


Our 70’000 sq ft co-working space is the largest single co-working space in the heart of London. It is newly decorated with specially designed furniture and the facilities are all brand new; each desk has massive space for employees to create their own ofice environment.
Besides, we see every member as an inseparable part of our community and are devoted to enhancing our community's network and lifestyle.

Our gym, osteopathy treatment room, shower facilities, bars, café, TV studio and event space are built to serve our members that ensures everyone not only enjoy working but also know the importance of wellbeing. Our responsibility lies in the management of a compatible community for members with different disciplines, so we often host members’ breakfast and lunch events that open a channel for like-minded professionals to connect.


To register your interest, please send us a CV and covering letter, or some examples demonstrating your credentials​ to: 



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Bloggers & Journalists! Join our Editor in Residence programme to use our co-working space in exchange of content!

July 4, 2017

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